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Who We Are

AUGUSTSHORES GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED (AGSL), is an indigenous company providing a broad spectrum of services and expertise in the oil and gas sector. This broad capability enables us to offer Engineering, Construction, Procurement and Installation/Maintenance, Inspection and Instrumentation and control/calibration to our customers. In Augustshores Global Services Limited, we value our customers above all else and recognize the importance of streaming our services to suit their individual needs and objectivities. Augustshores Global Services Limited is incorporated as a private limited liability company in Nigeria under the companies and Allied Matter Decree of 1990 with Registration Code 1554991.

We possesses an optimum focus on total satisfaction of our clients and utilizing very efficient network of procurement (Local and Foreign ) for services in accomplishing our client’s desire and also delivering quality support services to enable the installation and maintenance of whatever facility to guaranty maximum efficiency the facility. In our journey of growth, we ensure that our values are deeply rooted to establish a strong foundation enhancing a promising future.

AGSL believes in creating an organization having respect for every individual; where passion and commitment is the drive force; an organization encouraging a culture of learning and accountability; where clients’ support and orientation is at the core of all activities; an organization where trust and freedom empower all people that are associated with us and where we are ever ready to provide services of solution. We render services with due consideration to high degree of standard and flexibility.



Our Vision

To be a world class company in the Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Installation and Maintenance in the Oil and Gas industry in West Africa.

Our Mission

To provide an unmatchable service delivery that aims at meeting and exceeding the expectation of clients and developing our high professional workforce globally.

Our Services

Augustshores Global Services Limited is synonymous with engineering and construction in the oil & gas facilities. We are experts in the engineering design, fabrication, and installation, hook up various facilities. I.e. Flow Stations, Booster Stations, Flowlines, Manifold, Storage tank facilities, process pipelines, gas process facilities, loading and metering stations. At AGSL, we have the required expertise to provide a complete spectrum of field services in engineering and construction

At Augustshores Global Services Limited, Procurement and Logistics is one major section of our services. We are suppliers of range of oilfield equipment, parts, tools and materials (Mechanical, Electrical and instrument materials). AGSL has established strong and several relationship with a huge array of original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as buying house and excellent relationship with manufacturer’s representatives.

These valuable relationships provide us with a competitive edge in our Procurement and Logistics business in the oil and gas, power generating and food and beverage industries. And these enable us to source the best products at the best prices for our customers and we take pride in our achievements in this field. Whatever requirement needs in inventory or project related items, AGSL will respond efficiently and provide you with products at competitive rate and deliver precisely when required. AGSL is efficient, reliable, responsive and on-time in procurement matters.

Augustshores Global Services Limited provides industrial installation and maintenance services. Our experience and technical expertise enable us provide installation/maintenance support to Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities Industries. Our Engineers and technicians are very experienced in Mechanical Installations and Maintenance with focus on safety. We understands the need for fast and accurate maintenance operations so we work to manage and schedule the most optimum and cost effective service for our clients. We provide installation of and holistic maintenance services on

  • Rotating equipment
  • Static equipment (Boiler, Column, Heater and Heat exchanger, Drum/vessel)
  • Wellhead (first and second line wellhead maintenance)
  • Facility - Flow Stations, Flowlines, Booster Stations, and Storage Tanks
  • Pipelines/ Pump stations
  • Production packages/modules
  • Valves (PSVs, Gate, Ball, Butterfly, Globe, Check, Pressure and Temperature control valve, etc.)
  • Interconnection piping and hookup
  • Predictive/preventive maintenance on rotating equipment

Augustshores Global Services Limited provides instrumentation and control services which includes calibration, instrumentation of line piping, hook-up tie, panel fabrication and installation, and pressure testing.

At Augustshores Global Services Limited, we also have the required expertise to provide Electrical/instrument installation and maintenance work for businesses in the oil and gas industries. We ensure our clients are fully operational and safe in their electrical infrastructure and we provide every one of our clients with exceptional services from fully and highly skilled engineers. We work in line with the Health & Safety legislation and make it our mission to keep our clients compliant and their premises safe to work in. Whether you need a one off project or an on-going electrical maintenance provision, our team deliver a well-managed service to keep business fully operational anytime of the day. Our job delivery leaves you with quality, efficiency.

Augustshores Global Services Limited is committed to execute projects with highest quality within budget and on schedule while adhering to excellent standards of health, safety and environmental. We ensure that all projects are completed successfully within the timeline and most especially to meet our client's specification.

AUGUSTSHORES GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that promotes the Health and Safety of her Employees and assets and the public as well as the protection of the Environment.

AUGUSTSHORES GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED’s Policy with regard to environmental protection is to maintain natural resources, and reduce any adverse impact on the environment from our activities.

Core Values




Customer Satisfaction



Safety Policy Statement

AUGUSTSHORES GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that promotes the health and safety to its employees, assets and the public as well as protection of the environment.
Office Address

km 3 refinery road, Warri, Delta state, Nigeria.

Phone Number & e-mail

+234 (0) 907 380 4282

+234 (0) 905 628 8675